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Week 1

Today is Sunday, January 9, 2022. You and I have completed the first week of January. How does it feel? If you’re like me, the new year is an opportunity to start afresh, dream anew, and put footsteps on the pavement. To be honest, I love setting personal goals and tackling them.

In December, I took time to reflect on the year and what I did well, not so well, and areas in which I wanted to do better. I acknowledged my goals, wrote them down, and outlined steps necessary to accomplish them. Nine days in, my pace remains steady and forward moving. Along my journey of moving toward my goals and what I believe is God’s plan for me, I’ve had to acknowledge some complex realities:

  • True and long-standing success takes time. Every day, consistent habits create deeply rooted results.

  • Your circle is important. An apple that’s diseased with mold will infect other fruit it’s stored with because mold seeks additional food sources and spreads. Likewise, the people you surround yourself with can motivate or stifle who you are. On both sides of the spectrum, the influence isn’t always intentional. It just happens and is a matter of proximity, such as with a rotten apple. The Bible warns, “Don’t be fooled. Bad company ruins good character” 1 Corinthians 15:33. Did you not know that some people, sincerely, have no desire to grow? They live day to day and are content. This is okay; however, their lack of ambition, lethargy, and indifference can unfavorably affect you.

  • Your dreams must be deeply personal. Discipline is the key to realizing dreams. Motivation comes and goes; therefore, pursue discipline. Your dreams, destiny, and life belong to you; it is your responsibility to commit and nourish them. The ball is truly in your court!

  • Quickly learn and adopt the principle of giving your time and energy to people and things that matter most. You only have one life to live, and it goes by quickly; therefore, use time wisely and care for yourself.

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