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Trust me, God has it all under control. Yes, the times we’re living through and witnessing are astonishing, complicated, and deeply felt. The violent winds of the pandemic, racial injustice, political unrest, religious divide, economic roller coasters and the recent insurrection at the National Capitol has left many people feeling dazed, angry, and even confused. And my response to that is, “rightfully so” … it’s crazy! The scary thing about being dazed is the fact that it hinders clear thinking and invokes exhaustion. And, I’m afraid this season has obstructed many people’s ability to see beyond the current circumstances; thus, choking and suffocating their hope. But friend, we must push past what’s evident to our natural eyes, and gaze at our future through God’s lenses.

Several years ago, I was hospitalized for two weeks due to a major medical crisis. For many days, my prognosis and release date were unknown. While hospitalized, I recall asking the Lord to allow me to grow from my current experience and not allow the boisterous noise of the unknown, the moments of fear, and patient wait of faith be for naught. So, every day, I journaled my hospital experience, woke up early to pray and read my Bible, and took advantage of every moment to be introspective. The clarity, perspective, and closeness I gained with God was life-altering. Although I was physically fighting for my life, the Lord birthed in me a hope and perspective that literally changed the trajectory of my life. As a matter of fact, my first book Undisturbed was ultimately birthed from that experience.

I share this story with you because I want to encourage you to continue to live, dream, and grow. Believe it or not, the best of who we are is often nurtured in the darkest of days. I’m reminded of the story in the Bible where God’s people, the Jews of Judah, were taken captive by the Babylonian army due to their disobedience to God. God, in His sovereignty, could have delivered them upon their initial request; however, He’d determined that they would be in captivity for 70 years. The Lord deeply loved His people and reassured them that He would fulfill all the good things He’d promised them, and bring them home again. But, in the meantime, His instructions to them were to build homes, plant gardens, marry and have children. Multiply, don’t give up, but live! Although, our circumstances are slightly different from the Jews, I believe God’s message to them is His present-day message to us in 2021 --- LIVE! Things will not always be this way.


Build homes, and plan to stay. Plant gardens and eat the food they produce. Marry and have children. Then find spouses for them so that you may have many grandchildren. Multiply! Do not dwindle away! Jeremiah 29:5-6 NLT

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