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From the bedroom, to the living room, to the kitchen, to the movie room, around the laundry room, to the backyard, and onto the front porch… is how I now live my life. I’m not mad, because most of the nation has been forced to move along these same parameters.

My five-bedroom home has effortlessly been converted into a school, gymnasium, sanctuary, 24-hour restaurant, football field, and much more. Not to mention, the various hats my husband and I now wear, ranging from teacher, principle, referee, coach, counselor, and so on and so forth. Yet it’s okay, because this moment in time will not always be. Furthermore, we have been given strength to adjust gracefully, because from the beginning of time God has created mankind to withstand, persevere, and create. 

I am reminded when the Children of Israel were taken into captivity in Babylon, due to their rebellion against God. This event was orchestrated by God and set to last 70 years. As you can imagine, the Children of Israel were devastated, for they were a people rich in pride and culture, who loved their homeland.

Although Israel was remorseful, God did not suspend their 70-year sentence, but instructed them to plant gardens, build houses, find spouses for their children and in thrive where they were and not waste away. Now…I am not suggesting that COVID-19 originated from God and is a means of punishment. However, I do believe that God’s encouragement to the Children of Israel likewise applies to us: thrive and do not waste away.

My dear friend, while you live a new life inside your home, enjoy your marriage, love your children deeply, revise your life’s vision, write your book, or start on your business plan. Everything God has entrusted to you, strengthen it. In other words, build while it is quiet. Most importantly, have broad, bottomless conversations with God! Yes, this moment is full of sorrows and uncertainties, but it is also immensely rich, full of treasures waiting to be discovered. 

I have so much more to write regarding this subject, but this blog is already too long. So, until next time... 😊

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