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Black Is Beautiful

When I consider God’s creation, I am always intrigued by why and what He was thinking during His creative process. For instance, in Job Chapter 30, God characterize the ostrich as a bird who treats her young harshly, as though they were not her own simply because He deprived her of wisdom, and did not endow her with understanding. This was God’s choosing, for all creation is His workmanship. Although a mystery, we do know that He made the ostrich tendencies with a purpose in mind. 

God, in His infinite and creative wisdom, was especially masterful when He made mankind, the different ethnicities and all. I get exuberantly excited when I think about God’s thought process when He chose to create the black man and woman; a people whose skin is infused with rich melanin, crafted so perfectly that its tone acts as a shield against the harmful effects of the sun-rays. Their eyes are mostly deep, clear and full of history. And if you’re patient and stare long enough, those deep eyes will tell a story.

Black people are skillfully crafted and empowered with strength that can withstand the darkest of days. History gives testimony to this fact. We’re brilliant, innovative, and beautiful. Like an artful masterpiece filled with limitless character, there is much to be explored and discovered. God has not forgotten us, but on the contrary, has our destiny in full view, and will continue to cause us to overcome. He delights in us, and with clear vision, we know who we are, and wholly comprehend our worth. God reminds us over and over again, that black is beautiful and that my friend, cannot be taken away. 


I will praise you because I have been remarkably and wondrously made. Your works are wondrous, and I know this very well. (Psalm 139:14 CSB)

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