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Have you ever held your breath? Of course, you have, but only this time you’re not submerged under cold water, after taking a dive into the family pool. Nor are you in the cool down segment of your aerobics class, trailing the instructors voice to “inhale through your nose... breathe.”

No, your inhalation is on pause, and has no least not yet. You have learned to care for your family, navigate work and play, all while holding your breathe. The story you tell yourself is, as soon as the desire is fulfilled, or a particular circumstance is avoided or resolved, then you will breathe. You brace yourself for what could possibly happen. Some people even resolve to put trust in God, all while holding their breathe. They have adopted the idea, that rest and proper breathing isn’t justified until God answers that prayer or circumstances change. It isn’t until then, they allow their heart to rest and shoulders to relax. Friend, surely this is not the will of God for you and me. This breathless disposition is physically unhealthy and mentally tormenting. A quiet torment, that you learn to live with and even accept. Never questioning the fact, the oxygen you’ve inhaled has had no movement for quite some time now, and we all know, air is designed to move. 

I remember when I discovered that I’d been walking around, holding my breathe. I was preparing for bed, when a glimpse of my disposition was place right in front of my eyes. I wasn’t searching for this revelation, it just appeared, like a parent who smacks their toddlers back because the child is not breathing, due to obstruction in the lungs. Except for me, it wasn’t my mother trying to evoke me to breathe, it was God the Father saying,  “Tikita, you’re not breathing ...exhale and trust me”. 

I am reminded of the passage in the Bible where David exclaimed, “my heart trusted in the Lord, and I am helped.” I find it amazing David resolved that “trust in God” resulted in “help from God”. Trust = Help. He did not hold his breathe in the process of faith. David went on to say, “joy rises in my heart until I burst out in songs of praise to Him.” I am convinced that David not only had pure faith, but he knew how to cast His cares unto the Lord and breathe.



Friend, will you join me in trusting God and taking a deep breath? breathe. 

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore, my heart greatly rejoice; and with my song will I praise him. Psalm 28:7 KJV

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