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Hand In Hand

If you’ve lived any significant time as an adult, you have probably discovered that haste is not always a friend, or rather, it is not always the best attribute to be embraced. Haste being the unnecessary, urgent need for quick action. It has a track record of trampling dreams, stunting personal growth, and sabotaging relationships, simply because it couldn’t wait. There is a young athlete out there who has the potential to break sporting records. However, because his body requires natural maturation and training, he will abandon his gift because of his disdain for patience. Countless married couples will end up in divorce court because they fail to recognize that time, determination, and patience is key to growth and change. I, on the other hand, desire to have a blooming relationship with patience. Now having lived a little, I’ve discovered something beautiful happens deep inside, when I embrace necessary process. Much like a tree with deep roots, unhinged by a raging storm, patience somehow creates in you and me, the ability to navigate life well. It provides staying power. Patience, when embraced, teaches you to do “the hard thing” and consequently, yields a great return. You choose to address the marital issue with your spouse, no matter how many weeks or months it takes to resolve, because you know it will yield a good reward. Most good things don’t happen overnight. Consider the 40 weeks it takes for a baby to mature in a mother’s womb, or the 30 years it took before Jesus performed His first miracle. Most good things require time and growth (i.e., patience); much like that beautiful garden in your backyard that is filled with a mix of plants and colorful edibles. Remember, haste is often an unnecessary need for urgent action. It can be detrimental to solid character and to a prosperous future. Patience on the other hand, is a much better attribute. Therefore, I encourage you to embrace and walk hand in hand with it.


But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. James 1:4 NKJV

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