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The Servant

I’m so in love with the passage of Scripture in Matthew 20:20, where the mother of James and John brings her son’s to Jesus. There she asks if he’d allow her sons the prestigious position of being His “right hand men” ... in His coming kingdom. Jesus graciously responds that that position was not His to give, but that His Father has determined the occupants of those seats. He goes on to teach a lesson and says, “...those among you desiring to be great will be your servant”. In other words, that person will be the attendant, or the waiter, ready to serve. Jesus goes on to declare in Matthew 20:28 that He “... came not to be tended unto but to serve ... or act as a waiter. And to give His life as a ransom for many.”

These passages of Scriptures immensely stir my heart. What an amazingly, selfless person Jesus was while on earth ... and still is! I covet His character, and in an attempt to emulate His heart, I find myself attempting to be great (a server), even when I don’t feel like it or when the act doesn’t directly benefit me.  For example, my husband Jeremy loves to go on evening walks. It’s therapeutic for him, and he and I usually have very meaningful conversation during those walks. The downside for me is, he likes to walk in the evening and because I’m an early riser, evening time is when I’m mentally and physically preparing to wind down—-I’m zapped.  So every now and then, after my evening shower, Jeremy will pop into the bedroom and ask, "Babe, wanna go for a walk"? Uggh my first thought ...I wish you would have asked an hour ago.  My second thought is, Kita, go ahead and go, it’s therapeutic for Him, you can take another shower. And if you live in Texas, you understand showers are mandatory after an “evening” encounter with the outside. Hence, with an outward smile, I respond “sure.

Now, I haven’t always, so willingly, gone on last minute evening walks, but Jesus’ sweet example of selflessness, now prompts my heart to want to serve like Him. And what better way to serve than to serve your family. Without fail, after each walk, Jeremy sincerely thanks me for walking with him, and often expresses how it was helpful after a long day in the office. As a wife, his refreshing means the world to me.

So, you see friend, Jesus was the best servant and His service resulted in the salvation of everyone who would believe in Him. When you and I serve, and wait on our family and neighbors ... we oftentimes give them intangible, yet precious gifts, like value and love—-which has no price tag. Today, I encourage you to be great by graciously serving those around you, beginning with those you love most.


But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant. Matthew 20:26-27 KJV

*Minister - ... an attendant, i.e. (genitive case) a waiter (at table or in other menial duties)...

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